Are You Prepared For An Emergency? Get Prepared. Here Are Some Useful And Easy Suggestions On Preparations From People Who Have Survived Hurricanes.

by Donna Brown September 10, 2018

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Hurricane Season is upon us and it's time to get your supplies in order.  We're getting a list of essentials together and here are some basics that we recommend.  While this isn't comprehensive, it should help in an emergency situation and is a work in progress from people who have survived emergency weather situations.  Here is a compilation of essentials that you will want to gather in no particular order:

  • First Aid Kit.
  • Have all medications filled and placed in an airtight container/baggie.
  • Have cash on hand, enough to sustain the family for two weeks or more.
  • Fill gas tanks in all vehicles.  Don't forget the generator!
  • Car chargers for all electronic devices.
  • Unplug all electronics in your home
  • Computers and Electronics should be wrapped in trash bags and placed high up on counters.  The higher, the better. 
  • Your dishwasher is a great place to put valuable paperwork in ziplock baggies that are waterproof.  Despite what you may read elsewhere, they are not watertight BUT they are fixed to the walls.
  • Use milk containers filled to make ice.  These will last a long time to keep food cold. 
  • Have a cooler with ice for drinks.  This limits opening the refrigerator after you lose power.
  • Before the storm, turn your fridge and freezer up to the highest possible settings.
  • Cook some food in advance.
  • Propane for grills.
  • Lawn and Leaf bags in bulk.  Great for storage and cleanup.
  • Hand sanitizer and baby wipes can be your best friend!
  • Gather all important paperwork, place in waterproof containers/bags and place in dishwasher.  Titles to cars, insurance policies, wills, etc.
  • 3 to 4 days worth of clothing that is ready to go and accessible.  
  • Disposable plates, cups, utensils, everything.  Enough for the family for at least a week.
  • Bleach, Lysol, Purell, gloves and paper towels will be your best friend.  
  • Fill the bathtub with water to use for your toilet.
  • Place outside furniture in the pool
  • DON'T FORGET THE PETS.  Microchip, meds, leashes, collars with information.  Be prepared to take them with you so have a plan.
  • Dry Shampoo and Baby wipes are great to keep you clean.  Stock up before the storm.  
  • Food and water for a week.  If the storm's intensity increases, double that amount.  More destruction means a longer recovery.
  • Have all flashlights in a central and accessible location (not near windows).  
  • Designate a safe room in the house, one without many windows and with enough room for all to fit.
  • Gallon jugs of drinking water, 1 gallon per person per day.
  • Gallon jugs of water for brushing teeth.
  • Cell phones charged with apps in place for emergencies.
  • Games for the family to play.
  • crank radios/tv's
  • Remove all outside windchimes and anything that can become a rocket with the high winds.  Your pool (if you have one) is a great place to store outside furniture.
  • gas for gas grills
  • charcoal for charcoal grills
  • solar lighting outside works well for lighting in the home.  Charge outside during the day and use them inside to light your rooms without batteries.



Generators are wonderful IF you know how to properly use them.  NEVER use them inside or close to a window where fumes can come in and harm others.  They emit carbon monoxide which is a silent killer.  Have enough gas for them to run for a week.  Fill the gas cans prior to the storm and have them ready.  Remember, gas stations do not operate if the electric is off!

YOU ARE STRONG and this will pass.  Have a plan before the emergency.  Have a designated meeting place after the storm just in case you are separated.  Know where to meet and get there when its safe.


Be Safe!



Donna Brown
Donna Brown


Donna Brown is the owner of The Missing Piece Puzzle Company and is passionate about making high-quality custom jigsaw puzzles "Made In America FAST".
Her love of the product shows in every puzzle that she makes.
A retired teacher of Special Needs students and a widowed Mom to an amazing son with Autism, life tends to be like a puzzle with each piece an important part of who Donna is.

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