Thank God For Laundry Pods. How A Simple Laundry Pod Gave An Autism Mom Hope.

by Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen July 23, 2018

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Thank God for laundry pods.  I'm sure you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about but I can assure you that laundry pods are a game changer in my household.  

A little background.

Most of my friends and customers know that my company started many years ago because of the love of my son, who suffers from autism, and his difficulties with assimilation.  (Going back into teacher mode.)

Recently, I took Artie for his annual well visit where the residing Doctor suggested that he receive a shot to protect against STD's and other complications of sexual activity.  Very long story short, this visit made me realize how vulnerable he is and how I will not always be here to protect him.  Needless to say, I wept like an Autism Mom who was helpless, or most Moms for that matter.

That changed my life and helped me realize just how far society is coming to help populations that are challenged in one way or another.  For example, Artie wants to help me with laundry but always put at least 4 cups of detergent in the washer despite my interventions.  He just thought that more was better. 

Recently, we've discovered Laundry Pods, the ones that have the fabric softener, detergent and other wonderful things that make laundry a breeze. This simple find, after using the same powder detergent for my entire adulthood, has helped me realize that my son can now help with the laundry because they are the best invention since sliced bread.  Seriously, throw one into the washer (two on bad days, lol) and poof...Magic Happens.

My point is this.  The world is changing for the better, complicated is becoming simple, and the future is looking bright for one awesome kid who suffers from Autism.  Let the next entrepreneurs bring simplicity to life. 

There is always HOPE.

Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen
Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen


Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen is the owner of The Missing Piece Puzzle Company and is passionate about making high-quality custom jigsaw puzzles "Made In America FAST".
Her love of the product shows in every puzzle that she makes.
A retired teacher of Special Needs students and a widowed Mom to an amazing son with Autism, life tends to be like a puzzle with each piece an important part of who Donna is.

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