Questions and Answers From Our Customers

Where Do I Find a Custom Puzzle Made Fast?

The Missing Piece Puzzle Company specializes in turning your picture to a puzzle FAST.  Made In America within a day or two and always high quality with fast turnaround.

How Are Excellent Photo Puzzles Made?

1.  Your photo is printed on a high-quality professional paper and dried completely. 

2.  Your image is turned into a lid for the box by cutting to size, laminating, and adhering to the lid of the box.  This aids in assembly.

3.  Your image manually adheres to a very thick puzzle board that is specialized for the industry and is thick.

4.  Your image is then placed on a cutting board where the photo is cut into pieces based on the number of pieces that you select at checkout.

5.  The image is broken up into pieces, placed in a box and mailed to you!

The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, LLC