How to select a custom puzzle company.  Tips on what to search for from an expert in the field.  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

How to select a custom puzzle company. Tips on what to search for from an expert in the field.

If you have ever considered purchasing a special gift for someone or are looking for a wonderful family activity to bring everyone together a personalized photo jigsaw puzzle is a great option. Everyone loves to see a familiar face on a puzzle, but did you know that every personalized photo jigsaw puzzle isn't equal? We're including a few tips on choosing the right company to be trusted with your most cherished photo memories.
First, take a look at the website and look to see how the puzzle is manufactured. It's imperative to look for a company that does not hand press the puzzle. Hand pressed puzzles versus machine pressed puzzles never measure up. Hand pressed puzzles tend to separate easily and actually will peel in time.  
During the pandemic when everyone rediscovered their love of puzzling, many companies started up using inexpensive hand presses that they could use on their coffee table.  The quality was terrible and really made consumers wary of companies.  
Some of these start up businesses farmed their work out to China and Hong Kong, where thin puzzles with terrible print really hurt the custom puzzle industry.  And then there are companies who use puzzle blanks where the board is so thin that a matchbook appears to be thicker!  My advice is to stay away from any company who uses puzzle blanks as the quality is awful and the puzzle will eventually curl up into a mess.
Another important factor to look for in a high-quality custom puzzle is the jigsaw  board that is used. Jigsaw Puzzle board is a specialty board and comes in many different thicknesses. Generally, board that is 2mm thick is preferred as this is the thickness that is used by the GIANT companies that have been in business for what seems like forever. It's very durable board and costs a bit more but makes a great puzzle. If you don't find a company that uses this thickness, walk away. I've made the mistake of purchasing puzzles with thin board and would not recommend it. Thin puzzles do not last, bend easily and will warp.
How large is the puzzle in measure? This is the most overlooked aspect to purchasing a puzzle that can lead to definite disappointment. When you look at a puzzle and only see the piece count, be sure to look further into the size of the puzzle prior to ordering. What are the measurements? Many companies sell puzzles with over 100 pieces in the puzzle, but it's a 4x6 puzzle that is about size of a Post Card. They look great in the pictures, but are very small in reality. Be sure to look beyond the number of pieces and actually draw out how large the puzzle will measure prior to ordering.
How is the puzzle cut? Again, hand pressed puzzles versus die cut puzzles must be considered. Dies are made with very thin razors and cut the puzzle with precision that leads to sharply cut pieces designed to interlock cleanly and hold together. With a die cut puzzle your are getting better quality and appearance, not to mention that it's so much easier to assemble.
Finally, how is your puzzle packaged? I believe it's important to package a puzzle in a box with the picture of the puzzle on lid. In the past, I've purchased photo jigsaw puzzles that have arrived in a draw string bag or a plastic sandwich bag with a small photo inside. Very disappointing.
I've also purchased personalized photo puzzles that come in a very generic box with pictures of puzzle pieces on the lid and look cool but arrive without the actual photo of the puzzle on the lid. It's very difficult to figure out where the pieces fit without a laminated photo on the lid of the box. Imagine assembling a 500 piece puzzle without a picture.
I do hope that everyone orders a personalized photo jigsaw puzzle for your family to do together or as a unique gift idea. I highly recommend that you look at The Missing Piece Puzzle Company for your personalized photo puzzle because they have figured out how to produce a quality product that is exceptional in quality, large in size, durable and competitively priced. When compared to other companies, their puzzles are an incredible value. With so many great reasons why you should order a photo puzzle and armed with the knowledge of what to look for in a company I would highly suggest that you order one today!
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