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Many years ago I purchased a custom photo puzzle from a company that had an impressive website and all the right images.  The price was ridiculously high and the time that it took to receive the product was weeks from the time of order.  When I finally received the puzzle I was so disappointed that I became skeptical of ordering online. The puzzle that I had paid a hefty fee for was extremely smaller than expected, as they never advertised a finished size on the product but had an impressive piece count that misled me.  Not only that, it was thin as a matchbook!  My disappointment stayed with me for a very long time... 

The Autism Puzzle.  Photo of My son. My hero. | The Missing Piece Puzzle


I was a teacher who used puzzles in the classroom and a widowed Mom to the most incredible amazing son who has autism.  

My son was having difficulties with focusing and I thought that a photo puzzle of himself would help.  I immediately flashed back to my experience and decided against it.  The idea began to bug me so I opened my own company to correct all of the pitfalls of the industry.  

Our puzzles are made thick and with high-quality materials.  After all, they were made for my son and he sets the bar pretty high!  The idea was born out of love and continues to grow...  

Our Puzzles Are Designed to Last

We are a Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Company specializing in turning your most cherished photo memories into personalized photo jigsaw puzzles.  We go to extremes to make our puzzles the best and we make each and every puzzle to order. Utilizing only the finest quality machinery and printers, our puzzles are designed to last.  

This is my son Artie and he is my Inspector 13!  

Our puzzles have been used on many Prime Time TV Shows, such as ELEMENTARY, ALL RISE, FARGO, to name a few.

We have been reviewed by YouTube influencers DOPE OR NOPE, and of course, we were DOPE!  How fun is that? 

It's also rumored that one of our puzzles made a trip to the ISS, but we cannot officially confirm or deny...  That was epic!

You can read about us in several newspaper articles, such as the Huff Post, AC Press and other local wedding blogs.  We're honored by their kind words.

Good Morning America & The Missing Piece Puzzle Company
Fargo on Netflix & The Missing Piece Puzzle Company
CBS All Rise & The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

American Small Business Champion

Named Sams Club and SCORE's 2015 The American Small Business Champion, we strive to make the best custom photo puzzle for your family to love.  Our company was named The American Small Business Champion by Sam's Club and SCORE Mentors to represent the small business community.  We are so proud and honored.

TODAY Show Appearances

Our company has been featured on the TODAY Show TWICE!  Featured for   "Best Personalized Photo Gifts"  and for "

Best Mother's Day Gifts

" with the cast and crew, we were also commissioned to make some gifts for the host, Hoda.  Further, our puzzle pieces were used at Jenna's baby shower as decorations on gift bags.  


The Missing Piece Puzzle was on 'FARGO' on FX on the 4th Season Episode 1.  Our puzzle was used in the show as a connector in the plot.  In this piece, our puzzle is being assembled and is a big clue in what's to come on the show.  

'All Rise' Show on CBS

Our puzzles were presented on the All Rise Show on CBS in their premier season 1, episode 4.  The puzzle was used in the segment and defined the parameters of the characters in relation to each other.  We learn that touching someone elses puzzle while it is in the process of being assembled is not a good idea.

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