Copyright Image Consent

logo for the Missing Piece Puzzle CompanyWe take copyright very seriously at The Missing Piece Puzzle Company and thoroughly respect (and admire) the work that photographers, artists, and graphic designers, and others provide.  It is the customers' responsibility to obtain permission for use of the image, design, artwork, etc., prior to submitting to us for a puzzle.  Please be respectful of the work of professionals and obtain written permission prior to using the image that they have taken.  Copyright laws protect the owner of their property automatically, so it is imperative that you check with the person who took the photo and ask for permission to use the photo or you may be sued for copyright infringement.  It is strongly advised that you seek professional legal help for any questions pertaining to copyright law.

By ordering a custom photo product from The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, you agree that you are the copyright holder of the image you provide.  If you are not the owner of the image provided, you agree that you have written consent from the copyright holder to use their image for the product ordered with The Missing Piece Puzzle Company.

*If you have questions about copyright and copyright infringement please ask a legal professional prior to submitting your order.

Thanks so much in advance.

The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, LLC