ShipAid Information

What is "ShipAid" Protection?

We currently offer optional shipping protection Insurance for a minimal fee on your package.  We highly recommend all of our customers purchase this protection.  If you do not want to add this optional coverage, please select the "REMOVE" button next to the ShipAid Protection Logo.  It will be removed and you will not be charged for this service. 

We will no longer be able to replace or refund for stolen, lost, damaged, or missing items without this service. This is due to the increase in crime, "porch pirates," and the rise of mishandling that we are seeing from carriers.  Please understand that if your order shows as "Delivered" that we cannot refund your purchase without a police report of theft if you have not purchased this protection. 

If there is an issue with your order, please send photos to us, along with your order number. With ShipAid Protection, we'll take care of it!  We will issue store credit for the value of your order.  Please allow up to 7 days for the claim to be processed.


We cannot provide this protection to addresses that are Unverified with the USPS.

The Missing Piece Puzzle Company highly recommends purchasing this protection.