How To:  Organizing a Baby Adoption Fundraiser with Custom Puzzles  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

How To: Organizing a Baby Adoption Fundraiser with Custom Puzzles

Using a custom puzzle as an adoption fundraiser is a unique and wonderful way to start your journey of welcoming a baby into your loving family. However, the adoption process can be financially demanding. If you're seeking a heartwarming and engaging way to raise funds for a baby adoption, a custom puzzle might be the missing piece to your fundraising puzzle!

In this blog post, we'll explore how to organize a baby adoption fundraiser using custom puzzles, including tips for using 150 or 200 piece puzzles with a finished size of 20x30 inches, as well as insights from the website, a fantastic resource for creating custom puzzles.

Choosing the Perfect Image:

Selecting a captivating image for your custom puzzle is crucial to engaging potential participants and promoting your cause. Consider using a heartwarming photo of the baby who will be adopted, a collage of family moments, or an image that represents the journey of adoption. Remember, the image should reflect the love, warmth, and excitement surrounding the upcoming adoption.


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Utilizing Custom Puzzle Options:

Custom puzzles offer a variety of options to fit your fundraising needs. For a baby adoption fundraiser, we recommend using 150 or 200 piece puzzles with a finished size of 20x30 inches. as these puzzle pieces can easily fit a signature and/or a small message. These options strike a balance between difficulty and completion time, ensuring participants of all ages and puzzle-solving abilities can join in the fun.  You can also have your puzzle hand-numbered on the back so that assembling it is a breeze, through The Missing Piece Puzzle Company!

Creating Custom Puzzles:

To create your custom puzzles, is an excellent resource. This website offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to upload your chosen image and customize your puzzle according to your desired specifications. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Visit and navigate to their custom puzzle creation page.
  2. Upload your chosen image, ensuring it meets the recommended resolution and quality guidelines provided by the website.
  3. Select the puzzle size and difficulty level. For a baby adoption fundraiser, opt for the 150 or 200 piece puzzle options.  There are also many other options including a 320 or 500 piece puzzle, but keep in mind that these piece counts do not offer room for your benefactors to sign.
  4. Review and confirm your order details, including the quantity of puzzles you require.  For example, you may want one for handing out the pieces, and another for framing.
  5. Proceed to checkout and complete your purchase. The website will guide you through the payment process, ensuring a secure and seamless transaction.

Promoting Your Fundraiser:

To make your baby adoption fundraiser a resounding success, it's important to spread the word and generate interest. Consider implementing the following strategies:

Social media promotion:

Utilize popular social media platforms to create event pages, share updates, and engage with potential supporters. Encourage friends and family to share your event posts to expand your reach.  Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets allow family and friends to view your fundraiser and to contribute.  They can also tag your post with a cute hashtag.  

Local community involvement:

Reach out to local community organizations, schools, churches, and businesses to promote your fundraiser. Ask if they would be willing to display posters or flyers advertising your event.  Many local churches will be happy to help you grow your family!

Personalized puzzle pieces:

Offer the option for individuals to personalize their puzzle piece by writing a message or their name. This adds a personal touch and creates a sense of connection between the participants and the adoption journey.  It's also a great way to commemorate your journey, one piece at a time.

Framing Options:

Once the puzzle is completed, framing it can turn it into a cherished keepsake. Here are a few framing options to consider:

a. Traditional frame:

Visit a local framing store or consult with a professional framer to select a frame that complements the image and suits your preferences. A traditional frame provides an elegant display for the completed puzzle.  You can also explore your local big box store for a standard frame, as these puzzles should fit beautifully into a standard frame.

Shadow box frame:

Consider a shadow box frame that provides depth and dimension to the completed puzzle. This type of frame creates a visually stunning display, protecting the puzzle while adding a touch of sophistication.  You can also add trinkets from your journey within the frame.


Organizing a baby adoption fundraiser with custom puzzles is a heartwarming and engaging way to bring communities together and support the journey of welcoming a precious little one into a loving family. With the help of websites like, you can create customized puzzles that not only raise funds but also serve as meaningful keepsakes for all involved. So, let's piece together a beautiful future for a baby in need, one puzzle piece at a time!

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