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How To Raise Money for Adoption

We often are contacted by customers who are looking to raise funds for adoption and would love for their adoption fundraiser to be memorable, profitable, and fun. Through the generosity of their friends, family, and supporters, raising money can be quick, easy, memorable, and personalized.  Jigsaw Puzzles, especially ones with 500 pieces, offer a fast and friendly way to fundraise and also provide your benefactor with the knowledge that they are a crucial piece to your adoption fundraiser.  

The Missing Piece Puzzle company offers a variety of custom jigsaw puzzles that can help you fundraise while providing you with a memorable fundraiser. Custom puzzles make the fundraiser more personal and memorable and also make a lifetime gift for your new family member.  Creating your custom adoption puzzle is simple to do, raises cash FAST, and is fun and inexpensive.  

Using a puzzle as an adoption fundraiser.

Here's how to use a custom jigsaw puzzle to fundraise:

  1. Choose a graphic or photo to place on your custom jigsaw puzzle.
  2. Order from The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, selecting the piece count that you will use to "sell" to your benefactors. 
  3. Decide on a price for each jigsaw puzzle pieces.  
  4. Set up a Zelle, PayPal, Square Cash App or other sources where your benefactors can easily make a donation for the puzzle piece or pieces.  
  5. Write the name of the person who donated on the back of the puzzle.
  6. Once all pieces are sold, frame your puzzle and hang in your nursery. 

Helpful Tips For A Successful Adoption Fundraiser

Having a fundraiser and setting it up can seem like a daunting process.  Here are some helpful tips that will make the process smoothe so that you can start your fundraiser without stress.

Choose a Photo or Graphic For Your Puzzle 

Choosing a photo or the right words to say on your puzzle should be the hard part of the entire process.  There are so many ideas for cute sayings on platforms such as Pinterest that the possibilities are endless.  When designing your graphic, please keep in mind that you will have to assemble the puzzle once all of the pieces have been sold.  Designing with an easy pattern or design that will make the process seamless is suggested.  After all, who wants to assemble a puzzle with 400 pieces that are all the same color? 

Advertising Your Adoption Fundraiser

Advertising your adoption fundraiser in a creative and successful manner is easy in today's world.  Social media allows for many outlets to get your news out and to include people in your project.  It's important to look at your audience and to find where they are within the world of social media.  Some suggestions include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and setting up your own blog to showcase your progress and to celebrate your successes.  Many people will be interested in following your adoption story and it will be easy to see within your social media channels.  Choosing to set up a Free Website through Weebly or other hosts is also a great way to share your story.  Be creative and have fun! 

Selecting The Proper Puzzle Piece Count

Selecting the piece count for your puzzle is critical to your fundraising success.  How many pieces will you need to sell to achieve your goal?  Is it better to select a puzzle with 150 pieces or with 500 pieces? 

Pricing Considerations

Keep in mind that each piece should be affordable to your benefactors and a suggested price should be included with your information.  For example, a suggested $10 per piece with a 500 piece puzzle can potentially net you $5000.  Keep in mind that each person can buy multiple pieces (or an entire edge) so your puzzle can be completed fast.

Getting Paid

There are so many amazing apps and payment portals that the possibilities are endless.  As most banks accept outside payments, check with your local bank to see if they offer payment gateways like Zelle (which is FREE) or Venmo.  Setting up a private PayPal name is easy to do through their site.  (We do not specifically endorse any payment gateways and these are solely suggestions.)

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Often, fundraising activities are forgotten long after they have occurred.  Remembering who helped to build your life puzzle and who donated to your cause is easy with each puzzle piece.   As each person donates to your adoption fundraiser, simply write their name on a puzzle piece so that you can remember their kindness, generosity, and help with building your family puzzle.  

Framing Your Masterpiece

Once all of your puzzle pieces have been sold you should assemble your puzzle and take some pictures of the front side and the backside of the puzzle, share them on your social media, and celebrate your successful fundraiser.  Sharing the success of the finished product is a great way to bring everyone together to see how each of their donations has brought you one step closer to your goal.

*If you need help with framing or gluing your puzzle, please take a look at our blog post for Gluing A Puzzle.



Wishing you much success with your Puzzle Adoption Fundraiser!