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It's scary to think that a virus that spreads so fast can be so deadly and yet the Corona Virus is doing just that and is believed to be the next Pandemic.  While I'm scared, I'm cautiously optimistic that using preventive measures will help to keep me healthy.

While I was watching the President's speech and listening to the CDC representatives talk regarding the Corona Virus, I realized that while the Corona Virus is currently a major outbreak and is wreaking medical havoc on a large percentage of the people who contract it, the Flu also kills almost 70,000 people a year.  Scary, for sure.  

My Immediate observations

I noticed that the grocery stores were a bit packed today after the President's speech on the Corona Virus.  Coincidence?  While I'm not sure, I don't believe so. 

Flu season for me has always been a time to limit my time in the "outside world" and to do most of my shopping online.  The thought of touching a cart during flu season isn't in my playbook.  I've found myself getting sick just days after an outing during flu season and now consider carts a biohazard area for me. 

Sure, I'm a bit of a germophobe and carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere and in hindsight believe that I should have invested in their stock.

So what can we do? 

It's clear that being around people in work, school, social, and travel situation is getting a bit tenser and that carrying around hand sanitizer is a good idea.  While staying home to ride out the flu season isn't realistic I've found myself doing some things that I normally wouldn't do to try to avoid the flu. Here are a few:

  • I find myself washing my hands more thoroughly now (almost like a surgeon) and using tissues and towels to open door handles. 
  • I sneeze into my elbows and try to stay away from anyone who is sick.
  • I open the left-hand side of the door instead of the right-hand side at my local convenience store.  Most people open the right-hand side.
  • I get a flu shot
  • Clorox Clean-ups are now my best friend
  • I drink more water to flush my system
  • I purchase flu medicine in advance

As a retired teacher, I treat flu season with kid gloves.  If you don't have to work, here's some sound advice.  Gather a good book, jigsaw puzzle, or some board games and play with the family INSIDE your house until this passes, and it will pass by summer. 

First and foremost...  Stay Safe.   Please visit the CDC Website and look at their recommendations and tips on how to stay healthy during flu season.  Use common sense if you have to go out and if you don't, get your puzzle on...


Happy Puzzling!