Did You Ever Assemble A Jigsaw Puzzle To Find That You Are Missing A Piece Missing?  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

Did You Ever Assemble A Jigsaw Puzzle To Find That You Are Missing A Piece Missing?

Have you ever started a fantastic jigsaw puzzle that you have anticipated assembling and were eagerly looking forward to doing?  You know, that one with the 500 Pieces that has been tantilizing because it is a personalized puzzle and your family photo is on the puzzle?

After organizing your workspace, gathering your favorite puzzle sorters and mat, you sit down to start the puzzle and are hooked.  You work the puzzle tirelessly because it is beckoning you to finish, just like a great novel beckons you to read just one more chapter until the last sentence has been read a whole 6 hours later then you wanted to invest.

You struggle with the puzzle all hours of the night after a long day at work, piecing each piece carefully into its spot and feeling the triumph of working the puzzle until the bitter end. All of the untold pieces that were all the same light blue and seamlessly looked exactly the same but weren't.

Finally, you've almost made it after days of sleepless nights only to fit the last piece into the puzzle---but wait, it isn't the last piece to the puzzle. You are looking befuddled because there isn't any other piece to be found.  Exhaustion, frustration and a little feeling of hopelessness envelopes you as you are drained of all energy from the countless hours of anticipation, only to find that you are missing a piece to your cherished puzzle.

 Your first reaction is to shake the heck out of the puzzle box thinking it might be stuck in the proverbial cracks, but it isn't there. You frantically look through your papers on the table, you know, the pile that you were supposed to "get to" but decided to start the jigsaw puzzle instead. No luck.

Next, you search the carpet, the pillows of the couch, every corner where the cat who loves to lay on your puzzles and could possibly have shaken that piece but NOTHING. Frustration takes over, tears well up, and there's nothing to do but look at the box wondering what the heck happened.

It's the piece of your favorite Uncles nose that's missing and you fear that it's never going to be found. Your ability to ever look him in the face is forever hinged on finding the piece that contains the tip of his nose. 

Did you get the visual? We did, and that's why we are The Missing Piece Puzzle Company.  Don't ever let it happen to you...order from us!  We can help by sending you materials that will get you on the right track to making a replacement piece.  

If you would like to learn how to make a replacement piece, we have a great guide.  Check out our article on How To Make a Replacement Piece If One Goes Missing.  It's worth the read.

If you need replacment materials, check out our offerings HERE.