How To Frame A Jigsaw Puzzle Without Glue.  Basic Steps From A Pro To Seal Jigsaw Puzzles Without Glue  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

How To Frame A Jigsaw Puzzle Without Glue. Basic Steps From A Pro To Seal Jigsaw Puzzles Without Glue

Hello fellow puzzle enthusiasts!

If you’re like me, you find immense joy in piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. The sense of accomplishment when that final piece clicks into place is unmatched. But what do you do with your masterpiece once it's complete? Framing it can be a wonderful way to preserve your hard work and display it proudly. However, if you want to avoid the mess and permanence of glue, I’ve got some great tips for you. Let’s dive into the art of framing a puzzle without glue!

Why Avoid Glue?

Glue can be messy and irreversible, making it difficult to preserve your puzzle for future enjoyment or reassembly. Plus, using glue often requires additional tools and drying time. By skipping the glue, you can keep your options open and maintain the integrity of the puzzle pieces. It's also an environmentally friendly option, reducing the need for chemical adhesives and making it easier to recycle or repurpose materials.

Helpful Tips to Frame Your Puzzle Without Glue

Step 1: Assemble on a Sturdy Surface

Start by assembling your puzzle on a surface that can be easily moved. A cookie sheet or a piece of sturdy cardboard works perfectly. Make sure the surface extends a few inches beyond the edges of the puzzle to give you a safe margin for flipping. An extra pair of hands can be incredibly helpful at this stage to prevent any pieces from shifting.

Step 2: Prepare to Flip

Once your puzzle is complete, it’s time to flip it over. Carefully slide a second piece of sturdy cardboard or another cookie sheet on top of the puzzle. With one person holding each side, quickly but carefully flip the puzzle over so the back is facing up and the picture side is down.

Step 3: Tape It Up

Now that the back of the puzzle is facing up, it’s time to secure it. While there are many commercial puzzle tapes available, household items like wide packing tape, duct tape, or painter’s tape can work just as well and are more cost-effective. Here’s how:

  1. Choose Your Tape: Opt for a tape that is at least 2 inches wide. Painter’s tape is a great option if you plan to remove it later, as it’s less likely to leave residue.
  2. Apply the Tape: Carefully place strips of tape across the back of the puzzle, ensuring that each strip overlaps slightly to cover the entire surface. Trim any excess tape around the edges.

Step 4: Optional Poster Board Backing

For added stability, you might consider adding a poster board backing. This step is optional but can help if you plan to hang your puzzle without a frame.

  • If Not Framing: Cut a piece of poster board to match the size of your puzzle. Attach the puzzle to the poster board using double-sided tape. This provides a sturdy backing and makes it easier to hang your puzzle as-is.
  • If Framing: If you intend to frame the puzzle, you might want to skip the poster board. Adding extra thickness could make it difficult to fit the puzzle into a standard frame.

Rebox and Reassemble

One of the great benefits of not using glue is the ability to disassemble and rebox your puzzle for future enjoyment. This makes it easy to redo the puzzle whenever you like, keeping the fun alive. It's also a perfect way to share the puzzle with friends or family members who might want to give it a try.

Pro Tips for Displaying Your Puzzle

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Sunlight can fade the colors of your puzzle over time. Choose a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight to keep your puzzle looking vibrant.
  2. Control Room Conditions: Moisture is the enemy of puzzles. Avoid hanging your puzzle in areas with high humidity, like bathrooms, kitchens, or near patios.

Enjoy and Share Your Masterpiece!

Framing your puzzle without glue is a fantastic way to preserve and display your hard work. It keeps the puzzle intact and allows for easy disassembly if you ever want to reassemble it in the future.

We’d love to see your completed projects! Share your photos with us and let us know how the process went. Happy puzzling!

Kind regards,
Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen
The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

This guide should help you confidently frame your puzzle without the hassle of glue. Enjoy your masterpiece, rebox it for future fun, and show it off to your friends and family!

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