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As I find myself getting upward in age I look at Leap Day as an opportunity to make a time capsule with jigsaw puzzles that you can open every 4 years.  The concept of Leap Day now becomes answering the question involving "How to Spend The Extra Leap Day Time?" 

Many will simply use the free time as "just another day" and will pass the extra 2 dozen hours doing nothing special.  I, on the other hand, will use Leap Day's Gift of one additional day to make a time-capsule out of jigsaw puzzles and pictures.

Reflecting On The Past Four Years To Plan For The Next Leap Year

To me, Leap Day is like a marker in my life because it only happens every 4 years and I reflect on the time looking back four years to see if I've grown physically, emotionally, financially, and how much my life has changed. 

Have you ever noticed how much things change in just 4 short years?  Leap Year Day is a time to look at what occurred in the hope of planning for the future.  It's a time to see if we are where we are in life and where we would like to be on Leap Year 2024.  It's almost like New Year with reflecting on the past to improve the future.

Most importantly, Leap Year Day is a time to see if my life has grown or whether I've remained stagnant during the time.

How To Make A Leap Year Time Capsule With Jigsaw Puzzles

Leap Year Day is a great time to start your project.  Once you have decided on the tradition, there are just a few steps that need to be completed prior to finalizing your project.

Choose Your Photos To Make Into Puzzles

Choosing the photo to make into puzzles is the most challenging step and one that is the most important.  There are so many photos that we take that are candidates for great puzzles.  I reflected on the photos since the last Leap Year (2016) preparing for the next four-year process that begins today. You can choose either a photo from the last four years or you can take one today!  It's completely your choice. 

Photo Recommendations:  The images that I take today will be made into custom photo puzzles that will be in my time capsule and opened in 2024. Personally, I choose four photos, but you can choose one or as many as you would like, as long as you have a photo that is representative of your past four years.  A family reunion photo is always a great addition to your time capsule.


Turning your photo into a custom puzzle 

There are many options for this step so preparing today can save you tons of time and aggravation for Leap Year 2024.

There are many reputable companies on the market today that make custom photo puzzles.  Deciding on which one to use is the challenging part.  Do you want a puzzle that is made of wood, or a traditional puzzle that is made of cardboard?  Are you looking for a keepsake puzzle or is the price your determining factor?  Do you want a company that is Made In America?  These decisions are critical to the quality of your puzzle, so choose wisely.  Of course, we always recommend The Missing Piece Puzzle Company for the highest quality custom puzzles.

Choosing A Piece Count For Your Custom Puzzle

Choosing your piece count for your future puzzle also provides a minimal challenge.  If your children are currently toddlers it's important to remember that they will be 4 years older when you go to assemble the puzzle so you might want to choose a higher piece count for the puzzle.  

If you are aging and entering the golden age, you might want to consider that larger pieces might be more appropriate if your eyesight is starting to fail.  Whatever your situation it is important to remember that this puzzle will be assembled in four years so take into consideration age and health.


Storing Your Time Capsule

I have a special place near my fireplace where I store all memorabilia.  It is a catchall for memories and important photos that I cherish.  I store my time capsule there because I know that it is my go-to place for important photos and items that envoke memories. 

Choosing where you will store your time capsule puzzle should be in a place where it is not damp, climate-controlled, and is a place that is memorable.  Don't hide the time capsule so that you forget about it.  Choosing a pretty box to store your time capsule in is also a helpful tip.


Not that you have the easy directions on how to make a jigsaw puzzle time capsule, getting started should be easy.  Keep in mind that four years may seem like a long time from now, time will fly and you'll find yourself opening the time capsule well before you realize that four years have passed. 

It's a great family activity and a way to enjoy the 24 hours of reflection through fun.  Start a new family tradition with puzzles from your most cherished memories and assemble the past four years one piece at a time, 


Happy Puzzling!