If It Doesn't Click, Don't Force It. Lessons in life and love from working jigsaw puzzles.



Jigsaw Puzzle Heart - The Missing Piece Puzzle CompanyLife can be stressful, that's for sure, so I've found a way of defragging from the stress by doing jigsaw puzzles. 
Have you ever worked on a puzzle? The first thing that happens as you pour the pieces out of the box is chaos and disorganization. 

All of the puzzle pieces are willy-nilly, yet there is a calm that comes over when organizing the pieces so that each one eventually lands in the place that it was meant to land.  

There have been countless studies on the benefits of jigsaw puzzles and all of the evidence points to the very fact that jigsaw puzzles give your brain a full-body workout that can benefit us all.  

Jigsaw puzzles are trending and more and more people are finding solace and comfort in unplugging from the world and assembling jigsaw puzzles.  Couples are using date night to assemble puzzles near a cozy fire and a great glass of wine.  

Celebrities, life coaches, business giants, jigsaw puzzle experts, therapists, teachers, among others, use jigsaw puzzles in their repertoire of daily life and all have one lesson to share. 


If It Doesn't Click, Don't Force It  

Admit it, you've worked a puzzle and have actually been to the point of trying to force a puzzle piece into a spot where it didn't belong. 

Do you remember trying to convince yourself that even though you know that it doesn't belong there and that it leaves a weird and hideous gap that it might, just might be because the cardboard is frayed, peeling, or somehow at fault?

You continue to force the piece by pressing, pushing, and turning it randomly trying to get it into the spot that you, deep down, know it will not fit into. 

Trying to convince yourself that it will go into a spot where it shouldn't. 

Eventually, moving on to the next piece, and the next piece after that, leads you back to the piece that you were trying to force earlier. 

Now, it finally clicks into the place where it belongs.  

Jigsaw puzzles are like life and people are just like puzzle pieces.  While some people look like they might be the perfect fit and be exactly what you are looking for in that spot in your puzzle, they might just be another piece of your life puzzle and not the one that fits into the key spot of your puzzle. 

When you find that key piece, they just fit.  That's love...