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What To Do When You Can't Complete A Jigsaw Puzzle.

Imagine that you've been gifted the most beautiful puzzle, one that you consider the Holy Grail of puzzling.  This puzzle has been on your puzzle bucket list since you started getting serious about doing jigsaw puzzles.  You are elated about receiving this and know that it will provide many hours of peaceful joy.

Your journey begins when you take out the puzzle and a few hours later you’re almost to the Finish line of completing the most interesting puzzle that you've ever done.  The puzzle brings back so many childhood memories and you are unable to do anything else until it's complete.  Unfortunately, the only pieces that are left to assemble are all the same color, leaving you completely puzzled on how to move forward and complete this masterpiece.

custom puzzle of girl and flowers in process of assembly - the Missing Piece Puzzle Company

There are times in puzzling when you hit a wall and simply can't figure out how to complete a puzzle.  Most likely, it's happened to the majority of us at one point in our puzzling experience.  

Seasoned puzzlers know that not all images on puzzles are equal.  If you find yourself trying to complete a puzzle with a large quantity of similar color, it's time to get serious about your sorting.  Sorting puzzles is an artform all of it's own and we've written some dedicated sorting blog posts on the topic.  

There's always a feeling of guilt or failure when we find that a puzzle just can't be assembled as fast or as completely as we want.  Puzzles are supposed to be fun, but sometimes they just aren't. 

In my humble opinion, puzzles are for fun and while providing a challenge, should not be considered too much work.  The goal of starting a puzzle is to see it through to completion, but some puzzles are just too stressful to complete.  Just remember, it is perfectly fine to give up if it is NOT fun and perhaps pass it on to someone else who might find it more satisfying.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Let me know.

In the meantime, puzzle on puzzlers!

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