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Choosing A Photograph For A Custom Puzzle | How To Turn A Picture Into A Puzzle

I'm often asked by my clients to help them choose the perfect photograph for them to use for their Wedding Guest Book Puzzle or their Custom Photo Puzzle. Choosing the proper photo is an important decision that takes time and will be a factor in your custom puzzle.
Having seen thousands of photographs of wonderful couples and engagement photos,  I can truly offer some advice on how to choose the best photo for your Custom Photo Puzzle.

What To Consider When Choosing A Photo For A Custom Puzzle. 

First, the better the quality of the photograph, the better the quality of the Custom Puzzle.  It is suggested that your photo exceed the Minimum Resolution Guide.  High-resolution files always lead to producing the best puzzles, so please keep this in mind when taking the photo.

Resolution Of Your Photo.

High Resolution photographs make excellent quality photo puzzles.  Further, hiring a professional photographer and purchasing the proper size images for your puzzle is paramount to the success of the puzzle.  If this puzzle is a family keepsake, I strongly suggest that you hire a professional if you do not own a high quality digital camera.  Most of the new smartphones out today have incredible cameras that will take beautiful high-resolution files, but you will have to adjust the setting on your camera to take a High Dynamic Range or HDR.  

Smart phones have amazing technology and it is very possible to take a high-resolution photo from your smart phone.  The trick is also in the download.  For more information on how to download a photo from your smart phone, please see our article on 10 Simple steps on downloading from an IPhone.  Always remember that Actual or Original Size is the best choice when sending an image.

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Color And Texture In Your Photo.

Colorful and interesting photo's make incredible custom puzzles.  A beautiful Black and White photograph can be stunning and dramatic in a photograph, but a black and white image will be very challenging to assemble and might not have that same dramatic look on a custom puzzle.  Choosing a photo that is colorful is less of a challenge to assemble and also looks amazing on a custom puzzle.   Scenes with multiple colors and that are busy with different textures and objects make beautiful custom photo puzzles.

Texture In A Photo.

If you ask any dedicated puzzler about puzzles, almost all will tell you that all photos are not created equal, and not all photos make great photo puzzles.  Choosing a beach scene that has a large beautiful blue sky and endless sand may look beautiful, but it is best to avoid this type of photo when creating a custom photo puzzle.  Try to steer clear of images that contain a large amount of similar colors and textures, such as sky or grass.

Show Your Personality.

Photographs that show your true personality are the best fit for your puzzle.  Will the photograph withstand time, or will it be like one of your old Prom photo's?  You know, the one with the Beehive hairdo!  Your photo should reflect who you are, show your love for each other, and should be natural and fun.

I do hope this helps to make a decision on which photographs to choose for your custom photo puzzle.  On a personal note, pet pictures always make great custom puzzles.

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