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June 19, 2021


As an avid puzzler, a member of many puzzle groups, and manufacturer of fine puzzles, I've noticed that some brands of puzzles have more dust than others.  Puzzle Dust is a big problem in the puzzle forums and is always a turn off to puzzlers who have allergies.  Here are several tips and tricks to help you eliminate that pesky dust from your puzzle without having it hang around your home forever.

What Is Puzzle Dust?

Jigsaw Puzzles are made of many materials, including types of cardboard and chipboard.  Most puzzles that are purchased in the stores are made of a type of chipboard. 

During the manufacturing process while the puzzle is cut there tends to be dust that comes with the process of cutting the puzzle.   While cleaning a puzzle die can take a little time, it is believed that some manufacturers skip this process, resulting in a dusty puzzle being packaged.  

Puzzle dust is the fine materials that are cut during the manufacturing process.  The process of manufacturing involves cutting the puzzle material through a die, which leaves residue - or puzzle dust - that the manufacturer will either clean or will add to the puzzle package.  Some brands, including us here at The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, will remove the dust before the puzzle is packaged.  Unfortunately, there are other brands who simply package this residue within the puzzle and ship it to the customer.


How Do I Get Rid Of Puzzle Dust?  Simple Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Puzzle Dust.

1.  Use A Collander.

Emptying your new puzzle directly into a collander may save you some time and aggravation.  I would strongly suggest that you do this outside, if possible, so that the dust can clear out of the puzzle and air while outside.  If that isn't possible, shake the collander over a trash can with a cover to reduce the amount of dust particles in the air.  Shake it, but gently!

2.  Shake Puzzle Dust Out Of The Bag.

If your puzzle comes in a bag, simply shake the puzzle pieces toward the corner of the bag.  Once the dust has settled into the corner of the bag, snip off the edge of the bag just a little smaller than the puzzle piece.  You can shake any excess dust out of the puzzle easily this way.  

3.  Use A Sorting Tray With Mesh Holes.

Sorting puzzles is an art in itself but now the sorting trays with mesh can really come in handy.  The holes are large enough to not get clogged yet also serve as a convenient dust sifter.  Absolutely genius, this SORTING TRAY SET WITH MESH is a must for any serious puzzler.  

3.  Gather Each Piece Separately From The Box.

This process is very tedius and straight forward.  Simply take each individual piece out of the box, leaving the dust in the box.  Once the last piece is out of the box it's time to dump that pesky puzzle dust out of the box and into the trash.

4.  Use A Mesh Laundry Bag.

Mesh laundry back have pours that will easily allow puzzle dust to pass through, without losing puzzle pieces.  

5.  Use The World's Smallest Dust Buster.

I've found the most adorable and functional dust buster that will suck the dust up from the bottom of the box without sucking the puzzle pieces up.  This dust buster is inexpensive, plugs into  a USB or a charging adaptor.  Here is the affiliate link to the product that has saved not only my puzzles from dust, but has cleaned the countertops of crumbs.  WORLD'S SMALLEST DUST BUSTER.  

6.  Buy Puzzles That Don't Have Dust.

Believe it or not, there are responsible puzzle companies who clean the puzzles prior to boxing them, such as ours - The Missing Piece Puzzle Company - and others that you will discover through your puzzling adventures. 

Purchasing used puzzles, such as ones from a thrift shop or puzzle exchange should provide dust free or low dust puzzles, as used puzzles have been through the proverbial tumbler and should be free of puzzle dust.

What's your trick to eliminating puzzle dust?  Join the puzzle conversation today. We want to know!