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Puzzle Piece Rocks | What To Do If You Find One

One day you are wandering down the sidewalk when you happen to look down and you see something out of the ordinary.  It's a painted rock and it makes you smile. 

As you pick up the rock you have many questions flying around inside of your head as to who painted the rock?  Why would someone paint the rock?  How long has this rock been there?  Finally, you like the rock so much that you pick it up and it becomes yours.  Should you keep it?

painted rock with puzzle piece

Painted rocks have been a cute fad for a few years and it's a fad that I hope continues.  The purpose of painting and hiding rocks is completely selfless and envokes joy in the finder. 

To me, finding a painted rock is a special moment and one that should bring joy.  After all, we all need a little joy and finding random joy is always a good thing, right? 

I found a resource on painted rocks called I Love Painted Rocks where you can find supply lists, great ideas on how to get started painting rocks, and just about all of the information on how, when, why and tips to get you started fast.  

International Drop A Rock Day is on July 3.  People are encouraged to drop a rock in a public place for others to find and to spread some joy to those around you. 

While painting rocks and hiding them is fun, it is not always accepted in all areas.  For instance, in an article in The Inquisitor, Disney has banned anyone from bringing painted rocks into the parks and will confiscate them immediately.  Their concern is that they can be considered as weapons, which is on the list of prohibited items.  The lesson here is to leave your rocks home when entering any Disney park or to check with your local park to see if they are allowed.

We've hidden some gems of our own out in a few areas during our travels through the USA.  If you've found one of our rocks, turn it over for information on where to notify us and we'll send you a little something puzzle related.  

Happy hunting puzzlers!