What To Do On Rainy Days With The Kids?  Top 5 Family Time Activities On Rainy Days.  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

What To Do On Rainy Days With The Kids? Top 5 Family Time Activities On Rainy Days.

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Sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate and we have to find fun activities for our children to do, other than binge-watching TV.  Here are 5 awesome suggestions for peaceful, memorable, and fun activities for the family to do on a rainy day. 

1.  Indoor Treasure Hunt.  Gather together clues that will lead to a hidden treasure in the house.  Place each clue in an envelope and number each envelope with the step in the hunt.  For example, step 1 of 10.  When step 1 is solved, the Step 2 envelope will lead them to their next clue.  Place a small gift or token at the end of the hunt as a reward for completing the task.  Movie tickets are always valued by every age.

2.  Board Games.  Who doesn't love a great board game?  Monopoly, Jigsaw Puzzles, Clue, Operation, and Pictionary are some really fun and entertaining games to play on a rainy day.

3.  Make a Family Time Capsule.  Encourage every member of the family to collect mementos of the time that you are currently in.  Items like ticket stubs, photos, letters, and cards are just some of the fun ideas.  Find a water-tight container and plan a date on opening the time capsule in the future.  Save it and plan on burying it in the yard when it stops raining.

4.  Make a family movie.  Gather together and have a jam session with the family.  Sing Karaoke as loud as you can, put on a play, or act out your favorite TV parts and record on a video.  It's a great way to get silly and create family memories.  Download to YouTube and host a viewing party with popcorn, snacks, and drink.  Everyone will love it!

5.  Get Baking!  Make lunch as a family with homemade pizza and snacks.  Chocolate Chip cookies are easy to mix and make and kids love them.  Invite the Teddy Bears to a picnic and make a tent out of blankets to eat under.