What to do with those vacation photos.  Turn them into a puzzle.  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

What to do with those vacation photos. Turn them into a puzzle.

This summer vacations across the USA mean more than anything.  Having been "freed" to explore this beautiful country, more Americans are taking to the road and going on vacation.  Sure, we're happy to be out of the house, but we are also taking precautions while having fun.  Most definitely, we are appreciating family and fun time, all the while taking massive amounts of photos of our adventures.  But what to do with your vacation photos?

Here at The Missing Piece Puzzle Company we are seeing an increasing number of people sharing their fun vacation photos and turning them into jigsaw puzzles.  Many of the photos are of families enjoying our great USA, and some are simply of families in their backyard with their neighbors cooking over a BBQ grill.  While this may seem ordinary, after COVID we've come to realize how important this simple measure is and to appreciate even the small things a bit more.

Graduations are happening in person again.  Family gatherings are also happening again where siblings, grandparents, and long lost cousins are gathering once again to celebrate family.  The family reunions are in full swing where memories are made and shared.  

While having all of that fun this summer, be sure to take MANY photos of the times and memories that you are making because these photos will make incredible custom photo puzzle gifts for everyone on your Holiday list this fall!

Party on and puzzle on, puzzlers!