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January 29, 2021

What Is National Puzzle Day?

National Puzzle Day is celebrated every year on January 29.  Here at The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, we consider this to be the most epic day of the year! 

National Puzzle Day is not exclusive to jigsaw puzzles, and many other puzzles are included in the day.  Celebrating this day is easy due of the various types of puzzles that are available.  We're including a list of some of the types of puzzles that can be done on National Puzzle Day.  This is a list that expands with the imagination. 

Types of Puzzles:

  • Crossword
  • Soduku
  • Word Searches
  • Trivia
  • Brain Teasers
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Escape Room
  • Picture Puzzles
  • and any other puzzle.

Puzzles of all sorts have many positive impacts and can improve your memory, cognition, problem solving skills, and help with social interactions.  They are amazing to use in learning situations and students and teachers alike become absorbed with team solving.  There are so many benefits to doing every type of puzzle and I witnessed many of the while I was teaching and using puzzles to in my classroom with great success. 

So How Did National Puzzle Day Begin?

In 2002, National Puzzle Day was created by Jill Jodi, a very interesting person who started the day to celebrate her love of puzzles.  This year, Ms. Jodi is offering 29 days of puzzles on her site for free.  You can't beat free!  Her blog is pretty awesome and I encourage you to read her inspirational and fun posts.

How To Celebrate National Puzzle Day.

It's simple.  Grab your favorite drink, settle into a peaceful area, and play your favorite puzzle game!  You can invite others, or enjoy the time yourself... it's just important to participate in one of the most fun days of the year.

Post your puzzle on social media using #NationalPuzzleDay or #puzzleday.  Be sure to check out other puzzlers celebrating this amazing day.


Have A Puzzle To Show?

Post your puzzle here.  We might feature you!


Thanks for reading and enjoy this awesom and fun day.