How to do an Adoption Fundraiser - How we created one successfully with A Personalized Puzzle

by Donna Brown September 18, 2019

adoption fundraiser using a jigsaw puzzle - The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

How To Create a Memorable Fundraiser for Adoption

What a fantastic idea! A wonderful couple contacted me recently and asked if I could help them with an adoption fundraiser. They wanted a custom photo puzzle that would feature the sweet little girl that they were trying to adopt, but also needed many pieces that were large enough to fit a name on the back of the puzzle piece, not an entire signature, just a first name was sufficient.

They were hoping to raise money through pledges, and in exchange, their benefactors would receive a puzzle piece to sign on the back. Their intention is to have a lasting memory that details the love, concern, support and "village" that it would take to raise their child.

It was also important that the puzzle be a standard size so that they could eventually frame it in a double-sided frame and to hang it in their daughter's room when she became theirs. They wanted her to realize how important and how loved she was even before she had their last name.

After crying a bit, I immediately suggested that they go with our 320 piece custom photo puzzle, as this puzzle would fit all of their needs and is extremely affordable.  The puzzle has the required pieces, the piece sizes are approximately 1x1 inch, and the size is standard for a frame.

I am hopeful that they follow up with me to let me know how it works out!

I completely love my job...

Donna Brown
Donna Brown


Donna Brown is the owner of The Missing Piece Puzzle Company and is passionate about making high-quality custom jigsaw puzzles "Made In America FAST".
Her love of the product shows in every puzzle that she makes.
A retired teacher of Special Needs students and a widowed Mom to an amazing son with Autism, life tends to be like a puzzle with each piece an important part of who Donna is.

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