63 Piece Puzzle 16"x20"

Our puzzle with 63 pieces is the perfect puzzle as a Wedding Guest Book puzzle or as a gift to teens.  We also recommend this puzzle to our vision impaired friends as the puzzle features very durable thick jigsaw puzzle pieces with an average size puzzle piece of approximately 2.25 x 2.25 inches each.  This custom photo puzzle with large puzzle pieces has a very large surface area, which shows great detail in the photo.  This puzzle is a bit challenging to assemble as the pieces are similarly cut, but are not exact.  It is recommended that if you are purchasing a white blank puzzle that you have this numbered.  

This puzzle shows great detail of the image and makes a wonderful family portrait puzzle, as this puzzle is widely framed because of the large puzzle size and attention to detail.  The finished size will be approximately 16 x 20 inches which should fit nicely into a standard size frame.  

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