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Jigsaw Puzzle Scarf widely recognized for Autism Awareness

$ 14.99 USD

multi-color jigsaw pattern
Black Ribbon

Everyone knows a jigsaw puzzle lover who would LOVE this handmade colorful puzzle pattern scarf.  This is also our Autism Awareness puzzle scarf.  Our hand-cut and handmade scarf is absolutely adorable.  Made of anti-pill fleece, this scarf is a conversation starter and a statement piece.  A simple design but a wonderfully soft and bright puzzle scarf that brings a smile to your face.  

Each scarf is approximately 58-60 inches long and 8-10 inches wide.  Each scarf is handmade, so there are variations of cut from the photos.  Made with love because autism means so much to us!  Grab a few, as these are limited.

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