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Perfect Personalized Grandparent Gift Idea. Custom Photo Puzzle with 320 XL Pieces.

$ 46.99 USD


We offer the perfect personalized photo puzzle gift for carefree Seniors, Grandparents, and even your In-Laws.  This 320 piece personalized puzzle features your most cherished memory of family history and is Made In America.  

This puzzle features Large Puzzle Pieces that are manageable for all hands while showing nice detail in the photo.  Each puzzle piece measures approximately 1 x 1 inch each, making them a little larger than the standard puzzle.  

Great for people who are visually impaired or need a little more to grasp onto.  With over three hundred pieces, this custom puzzle will keep you busy and is recommended for the expert puzzler, as it is similarly shaped and sized, but not exact!  A fan favorite, this sturdy and thick custom puzzle has been given as a Personalized Grandparent's gift idea, teacher gifts, and has unlimited uses.  Why not frame it for a great family portrait puzzle?

*It's important to note that our 320 piece puzzle is recommended for the expert puzzler.  This large custom puzzle features pieces that are similarly shaped, sized, and cut that present an additional challenge to even an expert who has puzzled for years.  It is recommended that your photos for this puzzle have a variety of colors and patterns.  Similarly colored/patterned photos should be avoided and high-resolution images are suggested.  Check out our blog post on Choosing A Photograph.

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