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Custom Puzzle With 30 Extra Large Puzzle Pieces Perfect for Young Children and Toddlers

$ 44.99 USD

RUSH ORDER (+$5.00)

Our beautiful custom photo puzzle with Extra Large Puzzle Pieces make this puzzle the perfect puzzle for a unique and alternative Family Portrait.  Each extra-large 30 piece puzzle piece measures approximately 3 x 4 inches, making this custom puzzle easy to hold and maneuver.  Each piece has a large surface area and the finished size is approximately 16x20 inches when complete.  The pieces are easy to grab and hold for the young fingers.

Featuring generous-sized pieces, this puzzle is perfect for the Baby Shower, Family Portraits, Toddlers, and Special events.  The extra-large piece sizes make it easy to work with while providing the detail needed to preserve cherished memories. 
If you require a custom puzzle with fewer pieces, we also offer a beautiful 16 x 20-inch puzzle with 15 Pieces HERE

HAND-NUMBERING:  We can hand-number the back of each puzzle piece for ease of assembly.  This is especially helpful if you order multiple puzzles, as we can hand-number in different colors.

RUSH OPTION:  When you select the RUSH option, we will move your order to the front of our queue and expedite the order.  This option is very important during holidays and during the pandemic, as orders can be backed up for weeks without this option.  Please be sure to select the proper shipping option for your timeline at the time of checkout.

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