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"Review" ~ Carol G - an Age Defy Night Cream customer


Choose your piece count with this adorable custom puzzle from a photo.  This completely personalized puzzle makes a great gift and will be their favorite for years to come.   This very popular puzzle shows detail, is elegant, and very competitively priced.

Our 8 x 10-inch puzzle has 30 very large pieces or 60 pieces that show great detail. Great puzzle for young children and toddlers or to show detail in the photo.  This custom puzzle has many uses and can even keep the kids busy while you're cooking dinner! Unlimited gifting opportunities...  Choose from either 30 or 60 pieces.

This custom puzzle is very popular and is very easy to frame. This puzzle makes an awesome way to spring a surprise vacation through a puzzle.  Great value puzzle.

Your custom puzzle will arrive at your doorstep in days, as we are Manufactured In America.  We package in a box with your photo on the lid.

Choose a different piece count from our menu...

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