Information About Options - Numbering and White Backing on Puzzles

Information on Options

White Backing: The "regular" backing on our puzzle board is a light gray color that is specially ordered specifically for our Wedding Puzzles. We purchase a specialized board that is thicker than most and features a lighter color, which is appealing and easy to write on. The board is 100% recycled board. We provide the opportunity, on some of our puzzles, to add a white backing for an additional fee.  We cannot add the white backing to our 20x30 inch and larger puzzles.  


While we cannot number all of our puzzle offerings, we can number most. If available, we hand number our puzzles on the back and in the bottom right-hand corner. We use several different writing utensils to achieve this. We will number most puzzles in pencil, in the bottom right-hand corner with the numbers facing you. We may number puzzles in pen if the optional white backing has been selected, or if you have ordered multiple puzzles so you can differentiate between the puzzles. Which writing utensil is completely up to The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, LLC's choice.

 Assembling a Numbered Puzzle: 

Choosing to have your puzzle numbered is an excellent choice.  Many of our puzzles feature similarly shaped and sized pieces that are not exact, which makes them very challenging to assemble.  When assembling a numbered puzzle please follow these steps:

1.  Gather two pieces of cardboard or similar flat board to use to assemble to puzzle on top of.  Cookie sheets work well as the material should be rigid and not bend.

2.  Place all puzzle pieces with the numbers facing up and toward you.  The numbers will be in the bottom right-hand part of the piece. 

3.  Place the puzzle pieces with the numbers in the bottom right-hand corner in numerical order (1, 2, 3, etc.) until completely assembled.

4.  Carefully flip the puzzle. 


What Works Best When Writing On My Puzzle?

We recommend that on most standard puzzles with a natural backing that you write with a medium ballpoint pen (sold separately). We recommend either medium ballpoint pens or Sharpie Markers (sold separately) for our puzzles that have an optional white backing, either front or back. Gel pens and fine tips do not work well on porous puzzle pieces.