Make Easter Egg-citing with Personalized Puzzles!

 Unleash the Fun at your Easter Egg Hunt:

Personalized Puzzles for an Egg-citing Easter Adventure!

Looking to take your egg hunt to the next level? How about adding a twist with personalized puzzles? It's a super cool way to make Easter extra special, and guess what? No candy required! Here's how to make it happen for an Easter celebration you won't forget.

Think Beyond Chocolate: Elevate Your Easter Experience

As the season of bunnies and colorful eggs approaches, it’s time to think beyond the traditional chocolate treats. While chocolate is undeniably delicious, how about adding a dash of creativity and brain-teasing fun to your Easter celebrations this year?

Discover the Magic: Personalized Puzzles Inside Easter Eggs

Picture this: instead of the usual sugary sweets, why not surprise your little ones with personalized puzzles hidden inside Easter eggs? Trust me; it’s a game-changer!

Easter eggs filled with puzzle pieces - The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

Crack the Egg Count:  Suggestions for Puzzle-filled Eggs

Here’s the scoop: Gather some eggs per child, and assign a unique color to each kiddo. Pop a puzzle piece into each egg, making sure to color-code them accordingly. Not only does this add an extra element of excitement to the egg hunt, but it also sets the stage for an epic puzzle-solving adventure once the eggs are collected.*

NUMBER OF EGGS NEEDED: Let's crack the egg count conundrum! Here are some egg-cellent suggestions to match the puzzle pieces:

    • 6 eggs: Go for the ultimate challenge by housing five pieces in each egg. It's a puzzle-packed extravaganza that promises heaps of excitement and a rewarding finale!
    • 10 eggs: Triple the thrill with three pieces tucked snugly into every egg. With each crack, they're one step closer to unlocking the full puzzle masterpiece!
    • 15 eggs: Double the puzzle fun by placing two pieces in each egg. It's a delightful duo that adds an extra layer of excitement to the hunt!
    • 30 eggs: Allocate one piece of the puzzle per egg, ensuring each discovery brings them closer to completing the picture-perfect puzzle.

    Keep It Egg-citing: Consider Egg Sizes for Puzzle Placement

    No matter the egg count, the thrill of the hunt and the joy of piecing together their personalized puzzles will make this Easter egg-ceptionally memorable! 

    Just a friendly reminder: as you amp up the puzzle pieces per egg, keep in mind the egg size needed to accommodate them. The more pieces tucked away, the bigger the egg required to hold all that puzzle-packing goodness! So, choose your eggs wisely to ensure a seamless and egg-citing Easter egg hunt experience for your little ones.  Our egg size in the photo is approximately 3 x 2 inches big for our 8 x 10 inch puzzle with 30 pieces.

    Unlock the Fun: Benefits of Personalized Puzzles

      Imagine the joy on their faces as they crack open each egg, eagerly piecing together their very own puzzle. It’s like a treasure hunt and a puzzle-solving extravaganza rolled into one!

      But why personalized puzzles, you ask? Well, besides being heaps of fun, they offer a plethora of benefits for growing minds. Puzzles promote cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination—all while sparking creativity and fostering a sense of accomplishment. Plus, they provide hours of screen-free entertainment, giving kiddos a break from technology.

      Make Memories: Personalized Puzzles as Keepsakes

      And let’s not forget the best part: Once all the eggs are found and the puzzles are complete, your little ones will have a tangible keepsake to cherish—a memento of the Easter festivities and the memories made together.

      Get Ready to Crack Open Some Fun!

      So, this Easter, skip the sugar rush and opt for something egg-ceptionally special. Personalized puzzles hidden inside colorful eggs are sure to delight your little egg-hunters and make this holiday one to remember.

      Get ready to crack open some fun and let the Easter adventures begin! 

      *Easter eggs are not included!

      Personalized puzzle of child with painted hands.  The custom puzzle for easter has been cut into 30 pieces.