5 Steps to Upload Photos

STEP 1. Simply click the displayed "CHOOSE FILE" button to view the files on your computer's hard drive, floppy drive or digital camera, etc.

STEP 2. Select the image file you wish to upload and click 'UPLOAD IMAGE' button. Your image will upload into the file uploader where you can edit the image if needed.

STEP 3.  Adjust your image, crop and rotate to fit into the area for the puzzle.  Click the checkmark when you are satisfied.  Click the disk icon to SAVE your work.  

STEP 4. Check to see that your photo image has been uploaded by looking for a file number near the Choose File button.

STEP 5. Now just click the "Add to Cart" button for the product you desire, and your photo will automatically be uploaded to our production servers and electronically attached to your order.

More information for File Upload HERE