TIPS for our 76 and 108 Piece Heart Puzzle with Hints and Tips for Assembly

Puzzle Templates

Our Heart Shaped puzzle with either 76 or 108 pieces can be a bit challenging to assemble.  The puzzle is very large in size, features uniform pieces that are similarly shaped and sized, but are not exact --- not to mention that they are all white.  As with any puzzle with one color, these can be very time consuming, yet well worth the time. 

Our template and tips should significantly decrease the time that it takes to assemble this beautiful puzzle, freeing up some valuable time. 

Tips For Assembling Our White Heart Shaped Puzzle: 

  1. Our puzzle template is a mirror image of the puzzle, so turning the puzzle pieces so that the back faces up is a great start. From here, you can match the pieces to their placement on the template.
  2. It is always easier to assemble the outside of the puzzle and work your way into the puzzle. 
  3. There will be no visible gaps or irregularities, as this is an indicator that there is at least one puzzle piece improperly placed in the area. Taking a step back is an easy way to see this.
  4. You should not have to force any piece into place, as the pieces are snug but will not require forcing. You can easily damage the piece by forcing it into place, so please avoid doing this at all costs.
  5. Patience is the key, as this is a challenging puzzle to assemble but absolutely stunning when completed!
Here is the template for this beautiful large Heart Shaped Puzzle. Please consider the environment before printing!
template for large heart puzzle
template for heart 76 piece