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Are you missing a piece of your white puzzle or do you need to make a replacement jigsaw puzzle piece for one that was lost?  At times, a guest may not properly read the signs that you have placed near your beautiful guest book and may wander away with one.   If you need the materials that are used to make replacement puzzle pieces for one of your other masterpieces and are looking for manufacturing-specific puzzle materials, this is the kit for you.  

We now offer a DIY kit that can help you make a new puzzle piece.  In the kit, we include our jigsaw puzzle board along with white self-adhesive paper so you can design and cut your piece.  We send enough so that you can  "practice" first.  

Check out our blog post for directions on how to make your replacement piece and for tips and tricks. 

This materials kit contains:

2 pieces of thick jigsaw puzzle board.  Puzzle board is specific to this industry and is recycled and non-curl.  We use a thicker board than most but it can be shaved to fit your puzzle needs.

2 pieces of white-colored puzzle board.  This board will be wrapped with a white outer coating.  This board is easy to work with and you can easily design your piece on a white background.  This is pressure-sensitive and has gone through our machines to adhere to the puzzle board.

2 pieces of white self-adhesive paper so you can draw/trace the piece you need.  This is a professional-grade photo paper with an adhesive backing that can easily be peeled to fit onto our puzzle board.  You can easily design and then use this on the puzzle board as needed.

All directions are on our blog post and are meant to help guide you to making a successful replacement puzzle piece.  The difficulty level is estimated to be 3 out of 5 for this task.  Further, you will need tools not included to complete your kit, such as an Exacto knife, etc.

Please visit our blog post before ordering.  It has great tips and tricks on making a replacement piece and will get you on your way to crafting a replacement piece for your puzzle.

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