Missing Piece for White Puzzle. Replacement Piece for White Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 3.25 USD


Are you missing a piece for your white puzzle?  At times, a guest may not properly read the signs that you have placed near your beautiful guest book and may wander away with one.  We ALWAYS recommend that you have your puzzle numbered, especially in the case of a missing piece. 

We can recreate MOST white puzzle pieces within the first few months of use.  WE CANNOT GUARANTY THAT IT WILL FIT.

What we need to recreate a piece:

  1. We will need a photo of the assembled puzzle from the front AND back side.
  2. The number of the piece
  3. The finished size of the puzzle
  4. Please purchase one item per missing piece
  5. Limit of 3 pieces per order

Each piece must be individually crafted, so please be patient in your request.  Again, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE 100% fit with the pieces but will do the very best that we can as experts in puzzle making!  Depending on the age and time that your puzzle was completed you may need to hand cut the piece yourself, but we can send the materials.  Please let us know if this is your option.

We will provide a piece that matches your numbered backing but we can never guarantee that it will fit....  Please be sure that you understand that we will do the best to accommodate your request but that it may not work.  We do not guarantee that any replacement piece will fit.