Personalized Photo Puzzle - YOU CHOOSE THE PIECE COUNT from 15 to 500 pieces

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Everyone loves puzzles, especially custom photo puzzles.  Gather your most cherished photo memories and turn them into personalized photo puzzles.  We offer a wide variety of piece counts for every age and ability level.  

Here is the breakdown of our 16x20 inch puzzles:

  • Our 15 piece puzzle features extra-large puzzle pieces. Perfect for showing great detail.  Pieces vary but are approximately 4 x 5 inches each.
  • Our 30 piece is excellent for 3 to 5-year-old children who are getting their puzzling skills on.  This is a very versatile puzzle and is popular in our shop.
  • Our 63 piece is a really nice puzzle for anyone with large pieces and a size that is perfect for framing.  Pieces are large and easy to handle.
  • Our 104 piece puzzle is a very popular puzzle for the family portrait.  Each piece averages 1.5 x 2 inches, which is large.
  • *Our 320 piece puzzle is the most popular puzzle, as the pieces are approximately 1x1 inch and easily handled by puzzlers who have advanced skills.
  • *Our 500 piece is very challenging, featuring pieces that are very similar in shape and size but are not exact.  This puzzle is recommended for the expert, as it is very challenging! Not for the faint of heart.  Please choose a photo that is colorful and has a variety of textures.

**Our 320 and 500 piece puzzles are recommended for the expert plus puzzler.  The puzzles feature pieces that are similarly shaped, sized, and cut that present an additional challenge.  It is recommended that photos for these piece counts have a variety of colors and patterns.  Similarly colored/patterned photos should be avoided.

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