Extra Large Puzzle Pieces. Custom puzzle with 63 Pieces

$ 44.99 USD

Size Guide

The extra-large custom puzzle will make the perfect gift for a Wedding Guest Book or offer a fun afternoon with your children.   Featuring very large chunky puzzle pieces, this custom puzzle is very popular for our puzzle people.  Providing a large puzzle piece that is easy to manipulate and grasp, each piece shows great detail of the image that will become your completed puzzle.  It's so easy to do and arrives at your door within days.  Simply choose a favorite photo memory and turn it into a high-quality jigsaw puzzle.

This amazing custom puzzle will have an approximate finished size of 16x20 inches and will feature extra-large pieces that average 2.25 x 2.25 inches each piece, large enough for even small hands to easily grasp and hold.  This puzzle is also widely used with Alzheimer patients and in care facilities because of the large and easily grasped puzzle pieces.

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