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How Many Pieces Should I Choose For My Puzzle?  Tips From An Expert.  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

How Many Pieces Should I Choose For My Puzzle? Tips From An Expert.

How many pieces should I choose for my Jigsaw Puzzle? 

Choosing a piece count for your custom puzzle can be a daunting task.  There are many variables that will play into your selection.  We are asked a lot to help our customers decide how many pieces to choose and we always talk with our customers at The Missing Piece Puzzle Company to help them decide on the perfect piece count for their puzzle.

Photo Considerations

One of the challenges of having a custom puzzle made is selecting the proper photo from your collection of valued memories.  At times, choosing your favorite image may not be the way to go in selecting one for a puzzle.  Choosing the photo, as well as the number of pieces to go with your photo, are key to success.  Check out our blog post on choosing a photo for a puzzle.


Some images are more difficult than others.  An example of this would be a beach scene with a vast amount of beautiful sky versus a photo of your entire family in colorful clothing in a hot air balloon.  When considering the photo, one must always consider the piece count.  It's wise to drop down the piece count on the beach scene, and the family scene lends itself to a larger piece count.  Always keep in mind the difficulty level of assembling and sorting.  Keep this in mind when selecting your photo for the puzzle.  As always, puzzling should be an enjoyable experience.

Consider The Experience Of The Person Puzzling

Certainly you wouldn't choose the same piece count for a toddler as you would for an expert puzzler.  Be mindful of the experience level of the puzzler when selecting the piece count. 

Know the age and ability level of the person that will be completing the puzzle. 

The Missing Piece Puzzle Company offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes for every age and abitity level.  


Puzzles Come In Different Sizes.

The Missing Piece Puzzle Company offers a wide variety of piece counts and puzzle sizes for every age and ability level.  Our goal is to keep every age level and ability level of our puzzlers happy and satisfied with puzzling.  Creating a culture of expert puzzlers is one of our goals.

The Smaller The Piece, The More Challenging The Puzzle.

 It's important to keep this in mind when selecting a puzzle.  For example, we have many different piece sizes in our 16x20 inch puzzles, ranging from 15 very large pieces to our 500 expert only custom puzzle.  Even with a similar photo, the degree of difficulty will vary based upon your selection.  It's always best to fully read the description of the product when selecting the piece count.


500 piece custom photo of a tan dog in a heart sack - The Missing Piece Puzzle Company


As you can see, our custom puzzle with 500 pieces shows a beautiful image when assembled.  Each piece, however, only has a small part of the original image, rendering them a bit challenging to place in the overall puzzle.  In this image, the piece colors are very similar and have little contrast, making it very difficult to place each piece.  Certainly, this image and piece count is intended for an expert puzzler.


Larger Puzzle Pieces Are Much Easier To Handle.

The Missing Piece Puzzle Company services a wide range of customer whose age varies.  Larger puzzle pieces serve both young and older people, as well as people who are differently abled.  

Larger pieces of a jigsaw puzzle have more detail of the photo, as well as are easier to handle and manipulate.  



As you can see, this 16x20 inch custom puzzle features 30 Extra Large puzzle pieces.  Each piece is large and can be easily handled by children, the elderly, people with vision challenges, or differently abled individuals.  My son, who is differently abled with autism, loves this puzzle because of the size of the pieces.  He is easily able to handle them, as they average over 3 inches x 3 inches each.  


Check out our wide selection of puzzle shapes, piece counts and finished sizes.  We're always available to chat with you to help you decide on the perfect photo and piece count.  Give us a shout!